Our meals are prepared thoroughly by our chef where right amount of ingredient and nutrition are taken into consideration. FitBox meals are not just healthy but also very flexible where you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

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8 Meals

16 Meals

24 Meals

Weekply plan

Weekly 5 packs for RM80

Subscription period minimum for 8 weeks

Maximum 2 packs per item

Delivery for free

Montly plan

Monthly 24 packs for RM360

Subscription period minimum for 3 month

Maximum 5 packs per item

Delivery for free

Are You Having This Problem?

No Time

Busy with your routines that you don’t have time to prep your meals?

Not Eating Healthy

Are you consuming too much unhealthy food in your diet?

No Energy

Feeling tired and sluggish right after meal?

Why Choose FitBox Meals Malaysia?

Fast Delivery

We will deliver your FITBOX MEALS right to your doorstep fast enough that you don’t have time to prep your own meals

Balanced Diet

We at FitBox are dedicated in preparing meals that are well balanced in terms of the nutritions essential for a healthy lifestyle

Health & Fitness Gain

Our meals are perfect for those who want to improvises their fitness lifestyle and also overall health


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